PPclinic becomes part of Aleris

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We are pleased to announce that as of June 1st, 2023, PPclinic has become a part of Denmark’s largest health corporation Aleris.

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You can experience a short wait for an appointment with our psychiatrists. Currently we cannot offer treatment of children or adolescents at our clinics in Aarhus and Vejle.

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✔ Psychiatric and psychological treatment for adults, children and adolescents

✔ Clinics in Copenhagen, Vejle and Aarhus as well as the option for video consultations

✔ High level of professionalism and tailored treatment options

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Video Consultations

Move treatment into your own home.

​PPclinic offers video consultations as an alternative to physical appointments at our clinics.

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Psychological and Psychiatric Treatment in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Vejle

PPclinic is a private psychiatry and psychology clinic. We specialize in helping people with stress, depression and other mental health conditions to feel better again and to live a balanced life. Psychologists and psychiatrists work closely together to offer the best treatment regardless of the severity of your mental health condition.

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​Short wait

Short wait for appointments with our psychologists and psychiatrists.

High level of professionalism

Experienced mental health professionals and tailored treatment plans.

Help everyone regardless of their age

We help adults, children, and adolescents regardless of their mental health condition.

Nationwide treatment options

Clinics in Copenhagen, Vejle, and Aarhus as well as the option for video consultations.​

How We Have Helped Others

Othilde, Trustpilot

Quote translated from Danish

“If you at any point in your life, feel like you need psychological or psychiatric help but feel like you’re “hitting a wall” whenever you try to get a referral – or you’re told that you can schedule an appointment in 3-4 months, then PPclinic is the place for you. PPclinic is built to help the people who suffer because of long waiting lists. PPclinic has short waiting lists and VERY competent personnel, who I believe have saved my life.”

Dad of a 10-year old Boy

Quote translated from Danish

​”We are just so glad that things are going well for our son. The process at PPclinic has been a really good experience and a huge help.”

From PPclinic’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Quote translated from Danish

”It is really practical that you have such versatility in-house so one can choose between multiple practitioners while staying in one place. Furthermore, it is easy to get to, the place is nice, clean and professional. It all means something to the overall experience.”

Trine, Mother of a Secondary School Student

Quote translated from Danish

”My son has been treated for anxiety at PPclinic. Now he is completely anxiety free and is enjoying life at secondary school. We are eternally grateful that we were recommended a child psychiatrist from PPclinic as he without a doubt has played a crucial part in my son’s ability to work through the disease and get the tools needed so he now leads a completely ordinary teenage life.”

PPCLINIC ApS​ | ​Phone Hours: Mon. – Fri. 9am – 3pm Phone No.: +45 33 69 09 66 | CVR: 26850495

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PPclinic Copenhagen

Ørnegårdsvej 16

2820 Gentofte​​

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PPclinic Aarhus

Klamsagervej 35A

8230 Aabyhøj

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Locate Us in Vejle

PPclinic Vejle

Hjulmagervej 8B

7100 Vejle​​

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Video Consultations

✓ No commute

✓ Easy access and flexible

✓ Professional help regardless of your location

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